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February 3, 2009

Amano Chocolate Winner

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I’m a Blake Makes Sooper Hero as noted by the badge on the side of the blog.  Blake of Blake Makes frequently has give-aways on his blog and invites his Sooper Heroes to enter to win the fabulous items, sample them and the blog about them.  The latest treat that I won was a bar of dark chocolate from Amano Artisan Chocolate to sample.  I love dark chocolate!  I often savor it or maybe the word I’m looking for is horde, as my husband might say!  It takes me forever to get through a bar of chocolate or other chocolate items for that matter!

I used this chocolate to make the Hot Chocolate Fudge Cakes that I posted about below.  Of course I couldn’t just chop up the chocolate and toss it into the mixing bowl without sampling some.  My husband helped me too!  We both loved how bitter the chocolate tasted.  It added a nice bit to the Hot Chocolate Fudge Cakes.  I know that my husband and I will be looking to buy this chocolate very soon!

Call me crazy but I loved the colors on the label.  It almost reminds me of how some people buy wine, by the pretty labels.  I would definitely by this chocolate because of the pretty label!  Please go enjoy some chocolate!



October 28, 2008

I’m a winner!

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This summer when I started this blog I saw a lot of people writing that they were Scooper Hero’s for Blake Makes, a food blog. Basically Blake gets company’s to give him a sampling of their products. In return he puts up a contest on his blog and gives the items away to a certain number of bloggers. Those bloggers in return review the product and also put a link in their blog to the product’s website. So I had to become a Scooper Hero when I found out that he gives away free awesome products!

The first give-away that I won was silicone letter and number molds. I won the number molds. I was so excited and getting anything for free is fabulous! The molds came from this great website called The Spoon Sisters. It is full of super fun products. I definitely could spend a pretty penny here!

Nate and I went to a Harvest Party this weekend so I decided to use my new fabulous molds for Jell-O Jigglers. The first batch of Jell-O didn’t turn out so well, so I will spare you those pictures but the second time around I took the advice of numerous websites and lightly sprayed the mold with cooking oil. The numbers came out great and still looked like numbers. The Spoon Sisters website advises flash freezing the Jell-O for 15 minutes and then putting the tray in the refrigerator to completely harden the shapes. This will allow the numbers/letters to come out of the mold easily. I also found that the molds probably hold about 1 cup of liquid. I used the rest to cut out Halloween inspired shapes such as Frankenstein heads and pumpkins. Here is a recipe for some Halloween shaped Jell-O Jigglers.

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