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August 24, 2008

Farmer’s Market Bounty

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We have a fabulous Farmer’s Market here in Redmond! I might be a little bias though! Nate and I wait all winter and Spring for the market to open in May. It runs from May to October and you have no idea how hard it is for me to wait for the Fall squash! I love squash, my mom can attest to that when I was a baby! I’ll spare you the embarrassing story, or maybe I’ll save it for later! We have only been to the market a few times this season because of all the weddings and other out of town events that we’ve attended all summer.

Check out my finds! I believe the grand total was some where are round $11 for all that good stuff! The basket in the picture was part of a wedding present and was filled with games. We now use it for our recycling. I felt like a nerd going out to the grass in our apartment complex and taking pictures but oh well! I’ll give the neighbors something to talk about and make them jealous!!

So, I bought 2 monster zucchinis for $1.50, a bunch of basil for $2, the monster eggplant for $4 and the 6 pickling cucumbers for $4.30.

I know that the basil will be made into pesto and frozen for later, and used to season a few other recipes, the zucchini will be grated for bread and muffins and maybe something else, ideas?? I can’t wait to use the eggplant for Eggplant Parmigiana (I’m scouring cookbooks now!) and the pickling cucumbers of course will get pickled and enjoyed by me because the other member of the house despises pickles or anything emitting the vinegar smell! More for me!!

I’m so excited! Now, I’m off to read cookbooks and study for an interview! Fingers crossed!!


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