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October 29, 2009

Long time no blog

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I can only think of one valid excuse for not keeping up to date with this blog for the last 2 months.

My husband and I moved in the end of August and it was quite the whirlwind.  We looked for a new apartment practically the whole month and even had a great real estate friend helping us find places.  So at the last possible week she found us a place.  In the time span of  a week she emailed us the listing, we saw it on a Tuesday, signed the lease on a Thursday and got our friends together (bribed with promises of Pizza and beer) and moved on a Sunday.  On Monday of the next week we did the final walk through at our old place.  Wheew!  We rewarded ourselves with a Starbucks frap that we don’t usually get.

We are in love with our new place and the surrounding area as well as the great neighbors.   We still live in the same city but in a different area.  Our neighbors are great and wonderfully friendly, unlike our last place.  The best part about our new place is that the rent is cheaper than our old place but it is about 200 square feet larger!  I feel that the pride and joy of the new place is the huge kitchen!  The old place had a one butt kitchen but this one is huge!  We were finally able to use and take some wedding presents from 3 years ago out of there boxes!  We even have storage for our wine glasses!  I love it!  I’m in love with my kitchen!  I think I might need a Kitchen Aid mixer now.  My excuses for not having one used to be that they were too expensive and that I didn’t have the room.  Well, now they are just too expensive!  Good thing my big birthday and Christmas are coming soon!

The only other reason that I have for not updating is school starting up again.  Those kids keep me busy, well so does the gym!

Rest assured dear readers!  I have been cooking and baking.  I’ve even been taking pictures.  I have quite a few posts that are waiting in the queue so they will be appearing shortly.

Thanks for being so patient with me.

Have a great Halloween!


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